Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance at a glance

The complete worry-free package for your Viprinet products

Every Viprinet router needs to have a subscription to Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance. Without a VLM license, updates and support will not be available.

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance (VLM) is our service and support program. It is a bundle of software and service components available by subscription, with features including:

  • Firmware and software updates
  • Telephone and email support
  • Advance Replacement (ARMA) for defective devices
  • Remote dial-in
  • Free of charge hardware replacement in case of EOS and existing subscription

VLM gives you lifetime support and no-questions-asked replacement service for Viprinet products. In addition, a subscription to Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance ensures that customers will always have access to high quality support, regardless of their product's age.

VLM is provided by an exclusive service partner, the VLM Support GmbH. Get more information on VLM benefits on their website.

VLM Overview

All information about our Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance, you also get here as PDF.

The basic idea of VLM is quite simple: Buy a Viprinet router once, subscribe to VLM, and be fully covered, as long as you're enrolled!

Our exclusive service partner, VLM Support GmbH, is offering three subscription levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Get more information on the levels and prices at VLM Levels and Pricing.

You can get your VLM subscription easily via the VLM online portal

  • Go to
  • Create your client account
  • Register your router with its serial number and SupportID
  • Choose your desired VLM level (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Get more information on how to subscribe to VLM on VLM Support GmbH's website.

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