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Reliable e-cash in 120+ stores

Buying groceries has never been easier than today: If the supermarket of your choice doesn’t have an online shop yet, at least it doesn’t require you to carry cash around; just choose the articles you need and purchase them with your credit card – the Internet makes it all possible. However, as supermarkets become more and more dependent on the Internet, their requirements regarding a powerful connection increase as well: POS systems are centralized, alarms are connected with security services, telephony is realized via VoIP; some stores even offer e-learning for their employees which can be accessed 24/7. All these applications need a reliable and high-bandwidth connection. This is why one of the largest food retailers of the Netherlands, Detailresult Group, chose to install a Viprinet solution in their stores.

Overview of benefits

  • Huge increase in available bandwidth
  • Highly reliable connection at low costs
  • Scalable bandwidth: An extra DSL line can be added if necessary
  • Remote stations of VPN network can be installed in more than one data center
  • QoS uniquely customizable

The task

In the Netherlands, Detailresult Group manages 298 food and non-food chain stores under the brand names Dirk van den Broek, Bas van der Heijden, Digros, DekaMarkt, DirkIII and Dirx. Until recently, the payment systems were connected to the Internet via a private leased line and a 128-kbps ISDN backup. Low bandwidth was characteristic for the existing solution. During the outage times, cashless payments were impossible, leading to high sales shortfalls for Detailresult. Also, an emphasis was laid on budgetary considerations: An alternative connection should not only bring higher bandwidth and availability, but also keep operating expenses at the former level.


In order to solve these problems, Detailresult Group decided to install a Viprinet solution. After a successful trial period of several months in two poorly connected chain stores and a test-store, rollout began in winter 2013 in the first 126 branch sites. In each of them, a Multichannel VPN Router 1610 was installed, which was equipped with two ADSL and one UMTS/HSPA+ Hotplug Module – the bonded multi-ISP DSL lines are used as the standard “high capacity” connection; the UMTS link serves as back-up in case one of the DSL connections fails. With Viprinet, it was possible to increase bandwidth 32 times, and at the same time achieve an uninterrupted operating time of close to 100 percent. The bandwidth that is available now is used for many purposes as the bonded connection replaces all other connections on site.


The available bonding capacity provides the basis for further increasing the utilization of the stores’ Internet connection. As bandwidth and reliability have been enhanced considerably, Detailresult initiated projects to also route public WiFi, VoIP, video surveillance and other data streams over the Viprinet connection. This way, the Group will be able to provide all their chain stores with the most up-to-date technology in regard to security alarms, centralization of POS systems and even in-store e-learning, while still achieving huge cost savings due to the replacement of the previous insufficient Internet connections. Plus, Viprinet ensures connectivity even in case everything else fails: A special UMTS flight case enables Detailresult to deploy a fully operational store connection based on three bonded mobile phone links within four hours – an excellent extra facility to guarantee Internet 24/7.

Partners involved

Divider B.V.

Eschertoren 11
NL 2316 ET Leiden

Customer Opinion

viprinet case study detailresult de web

With the same costs, we could increase our bandwidth by 32 to 64 times. With this Viprinet solution, we can make smart combinations of different providers which not only brings us the increased capacity we wanted, but also improves our reliability.

Armand Jansen
Detailresult Group

Customer Profile

Detailresult Group N.V. Hoofddirectie

  • Branch/Business operating area: Food Retail
  • Headquarter: Velsen-Noord, North Holland
  • Company sites: 298
  • Contact: Armand Jansen

Project Facts

Replacing the old private MPLS network of more than 120 branch sites of a Dutch supermarket chain to an Internet-based solution

Hardware used:

  • 126 Multichannel VPN Routers 1610
  • 8 Multichannel VPN Hubs 5010
  • 260 ADSL2+ Modules
  • 130 3G / UMTS Modules

Project launch: 2012

Geographically redundant remote stations hosted by project partner Divider

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