New connectivity products for Business ISPs

Profit from bonded consumer lines!

To be a successful Business ISP becomes increasingly difficult: The large ISPs industrialize their connectivity and hosting services, making them provide prices small or medium-sized ISPs cannot keep up with. The solution consists in the development of new access products based on bonding consumer lines such as DSL, UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, LTE / 4G or cable Internet with distinct unique selling points. Only then, the margins will rise again.




Your benefits from new connectivity products based bonding DSL, UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, LTE / 4G and cable:

  • You can offer new, bundled WAN connections: with high bandwidth and high reliability at competitive rates
  • You can provide professional WAN connections, e.g. for site-to-site VPNs, in areas where leased lines or MPLS are either too expensive or not available at all
  • Due to the unique position compared to the standard offers of major ISPs, you can provide prices you can earn enough with
  • You will develop from a pure ISP to a WAN connectivity specialist - for stationary and mobile linkage
New connectivity products for Business ISPs by bonding DSL, UMTS / 3G, LTE / 4G and cable

New WAN connection products for Business ISPs - no problem with the bundling of DSL, UMTS / HSPA +, LTE and cable

Lucrative opportunities to earn money are getting rare for Business ISPs. All offer the same - in the absence of differentiation from the competition, the decision is most often made only based on the price. In this case, the major business ISPs have clear advantages over their small and medium-sized competitors - scaling effects caused prices to tumble.

It's actually pretty easy to fill market niches that are sufficiently large to be able to live well as Business ISP. In the field of professional site-to-site VPNs, large providers in general offer products such as leased lines (SDSL, etc.) or MPLS infrastructures. Both connectivity products are expensive, inflexible and offer no special reliability. In addition, they usually are available at affordable prices only in urban economic regions. If a company has to rely on such a connection in a rural area, leased lines and MPLS are either unavailable there, or the monopoly provider drives up prices for connectivity to new heights.

By bonding consumer connections like ADSLcableUMTS / HSPA+ / 3G and LTE / 4G in any combination, even small and medium-sized ISPs can now offer access products that are available everywhere, feature high bandwidth and reliability - and are priced beyond any competition.

The necessary data center infrastructure can be professionally designed with redundant facilities and accounting functions.

A scenario for a small Business ISP might look like this:

You offer your customers the bonding of two ADSL broadband lines in combination with UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G or LTE / 4G connections. The result is a high bandwidth, almost one hundred percent reliability (distribution to various media, transmission routes and providers) and prices beyond any competition. If you look around on the market, you won't find such an offer from any of the major ISPs. Exactly therein lies the opportunity to advance your own ISP business - with bonding ADSL, UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, LTE / 4G or cable in any combination. Due to the free combinability of more than six bonded WAN media, each region can be professionally connected - the end for the connectivity monopoly of the big ones!​


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