Always Online - Wherever and Whenever Needed

Here you get a brief insight into the whitepaper "Always Online - Wherever and Whenever Needed​". At the end of this page you can download the whitepaper as PDF.

Executive Summary

Today’s business applications require 100% uptime driven by cloud computing, machine-to-machine interaction, voice and video communications, and the digital transformation of nearly all business processes. Business customers often rely on one service provider offering with a given service level agreement which determines bandwidth, availability, and reach. Unfortunately, like in real life, one size doesn’t fit all business requirements. This is where Viprinet’s WAN bonding technology comes in. Viprinet’s WAN bonding architecture allows you to bond several physical links into one virtual high-speed connection which is virtually always on, which provides you the sum of all upstream and downstream bandwidths combined, and which provides high security due to the fact that single packets are fragmented across different provider networks.

Key Points

  • Disadvantages of Load Balancing
  • Disadvantages of performance-bases routing
  • Advantages of WAN-Bonding / Hybrid WAN
  • Availability
  • More bandwidth​
  • Flexibility
  • Lower costs
  • Mobil coverage
  • High security
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