Security of Corporate Networks in the Era of Data Surveillance

Here you get a brief insight into the whitepaper "Security of Corporate Networks in the Era of Data Surveillance". At the end of this page you can download the whitepaper as PDF.

Executive summary

The revelations by Edward Snowden showed to which extent and with which self-conception intelligence services monitor any Internet traffic and thus illegally turn respected citizens into suspects. It’s the first time that the security of company data has been brought to the center of interest across all branches. While data security was a nice extra and was often unattended, more and more companies now look at it as an essential part of their connectivity solution. However, it shall be advised not to pick a “whatever comes first” offer for data security, as in too many cases these offers are made by intelligence services that were meant to be locked out in the first place.

This whitepaper addresses all persons who are in charge of data security on behalf of an enterprise. It furnishes background knowledge how intelligence services get unnoticed access to practically all digital data and it explains what to pay attention to if you wish to protect your data. Also, it lists security solutions that are already available.

Key Points

  • Network security
  • industrial espionage
  • Hacker attacks
  • Tapping by secret services
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